Cooking Ribs on Maui

The Ribs I do here on Maui are usually St. Louis Cut, which tend to be a bit meatier than Baby Backs or Spareribs. I've also been wanting to do Texas Style Beef Ribs, but I have yet to find a good supplier for them. At it's basic this is a pretty simple preparation but along with brisket I find it to be the one that takes a lot of patience and timing. To be honest it's pretty hard to turn them out consistently at a point where they have a just a little bit of bite, but aren't too chewy. You also can dry them out if they stay on too long or the smoker gets too hot at any point.  I find about four to six hours is usually good, but each rack is different and the heat in the pit is the determining factor. It's all about being in tune with your wood, the smoker temperature and rotating the pieces in the smoker. I've had them turn out perfect and I've overcooked them as well, but when they are on point I feel they are the best around.